Para RNO

Para RNO, 1fl. 10 tbsp.


This dietary supplement promotes regeneration of the immune system. It is used in cases of great fatigue, poor resistance of the immune system or during the use of products that fatigue our body extensively. Also has a beneficial effect on plate production.

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Product Description

Para RNO is a dietary supplement, not a drug. A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Helps normalize platelet and lymphocyte production. Promotes the proper functioning of the immune system.

For your orders at pharmacies in Belgium please provide the following number: CNK 3117-512.


R.N.O. is a baker’s yeast extract that has no ill effects on the human organism.

Active ingredients

Oligonucleotides of ribonucleic acid (ribonucleotides).


Recommended dose

You should take the contents of an epje every two days for 10 days if your constitution is very weakened. Then an intake twice a week for three to four weeks to give your body a chance to fully recover.

Note: RNO is not dose dependent. Thus, increasing the dose is pointless. And given the 48-hour processing time in the body, it is also not necessary to use RNO every day.

NOTE: For our R.N.O., we use BAKKERSGIST, not Escherichia coli. Indeed, the ingestion of bacterial extracts can be very dangerous. Recent legislation in most countries formally bans all bacterial-based dietary supplements, and more specifically the pathogenic Escherichia coli.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Store out of reach of children.


None known to date.


Administration form

1 pill box of 10 epjes.

Each epje contains 45 mg of powder with 20 mg of R.N.O.

Total weight : 450 mg

Production method

Extraction and lyophilization with a fixed content of active ingredients.


45 mg of yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) contain 20 mg oligonucleotins of ribonucleic acid.


Possible side effects

None known to date.

Interaction with other herbs, dietary supplements or medications

None known to date.


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